Impressed and Blessed Parent

“I am so impressed with my experience with the Giving Hope Agency. It provided outstanding guidance and encouraging support throughout my IVF journey. Professional expertise was given as I navigated the process of finding a donor. Donor information was easy to navigate as the website was very user-friendly. Case workers were warm, personable, and sensitive as they quickly responded by phone or email, answering all questions and concerns. With the joy and blessing I have received as a result of the Giving Hope, it is impossible to be express my appreciation enough!”

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Egg Donation

Intend Parent Testimonial

“We are so hopeful, positive and excited. You definitely gave us “hope”. We are so grateful and speechless for our donors love and kindness to

Egg Donation

Intended Parent Testimonial

“The decision to use an egg donor was not easy for us. However, we knew that having a happy and healthy baby was so important.

Egg Donation

Indented Parent Testimonial

“Our experience with Giving Hope was excellent. We found and selected the right donor for us and received tremendous support from our case manager throughout