Intended Parent Egg Donation

See our Intended Parent process. There is hope!

See our Intended Parent process.
There is hope!

Egg donation is now an option for women suffering from premature menopause, poor egg quality, diminished ovarian reserve, previous failed IVF cycles, or other fertility issues.

Couples coming to Giving Hope Egg Donation need the help of a third party to help them fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. By utilizing an egg donor the intended couple can have a child biologically linked to the father and carried by the mother. Egg donation can also be combined with sperm donation and still allow the mother to experience the joy of pregnancy.

Steps to Working with Giving Hope Egg Donation

The first step for you, the Intended Parent, is to contact our egg donation agency for more information regarding the egg donation process. We will ask for information about you and your special requirements in selecting a donor.

After we have discussed your special search criteria, we will give you our donor access code so that you can view our ovum donors online. You will be able to view their donor photo(s) and their matching profiles. We will continue to provide new possible donors until you have selected the right choice. Our donor egg program is anonymous, meaning couples are matched with a donor by the donor egg coordinator and fertility clinic physician, according to the couple’s criteria and preferences.
Once you have chosen a donor, Giving Hope Egg Donation will ensure the time frame works for the donor and for you. Then we will send the appropriate contracts and forms.
Return your contract to us with the proper funds due. The selected donor will have her contract viewed by an attorney to explain the process to her. Intended Parents are financially responsible for this consultation, which is included in the administrative fee.
The donor will undergo psychological screening prior to the medical screening. She will also complete the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), the most widely used, objective, in-depth, and revealing measure of personality. Psychological screening will check for outside stressors and potential scheduling conflicts, history of substance abuse, emotional resolution regarding egg donation, personal motivation for donation, and the donor’s commitment to completing the program. Once the donor has passed her psychological testing, Giving Hope Egg Donation will contact the fertility clinic and set up an appointment for the selected donor to start initial medical screening. The donor will undergo a complete physical exam, ultrasound, blood screening, and drug screening. If a donor does not pass any of these tests, the couple has six months to find another donor. The donor may be required by the fertility clinic physician to have genetic screening, when indicated, to screen for genetically transmitted diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and Tay Sachs disease. Intended parents are responsible for all of the donor’s medical bills and medication pertaining to the ovum donor process.
Once the donor begins her menstrual cycle, she will be ready for the remainder of the process. The donor will be given ovarian stimulation drugs. The donor will be monitored by the fertility clinic in which she will continue to have her blood drawn and ultrasounds completed. We will continue to keep you updated on the donor’s progress through this process. When the time is ready, she will undergo egg retrieval. The resulting egg(s) will be combined with sperm from either the intended father or a sperm donor. If fertilization occurs, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred to the intended mother’s uterus approximately three to five days after egg retrieval.

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Intended Parent Fees

Agency Fee:

Intended Parent Fees We want more than anything for your egg donation cycle to result in a positive pregnancy. Our Agency Program Fee is a flat fee and will allow you to select up to 4 egg donors until you reach the egg retrieval with 1 of the 4 egg donors. If your 1st egg donor is unable to complete the egg donation cycle for any reason at any time during the cycle then you can select a 2nd donor, if that cycle is cancelled then you can select a 3rd donor and if that cycle is cancelled then you can select a 4th donor.

1 Fee, Up To 4 Donors

At Giving Hope number one goal is for you to become pregnant. Our Exclusive Process gives you a best chance at a retrieval. This option allows you up to 4 egg donors with no additional agency fee.

Additional Fees:

View Egg Donors

We At Giving Hope Egg Donation Agency Know That Selecting A Donor Can Be Somewhat Challenging.

In order to help you along in this process, we feel that you should be able to view our donors at your convenience. So we have designed a program specifically for Intended Parents which allows you to view our free donor database 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our goal is to make the process easy for you, but we need your help in order for us to find an egg donor meeting your unique egg donation criteria.

Please give us your name, the email address or phone number where we can respond to you, and the fertility clinic you are presently working with. We want to find just the right donor for you so we need to know what you’re looking for in a donor. Information that may be beneficial to our agency in the quest to locate the perfect donor for you might include height, eye color, hair color, ethnicity or any other characteristics that may be important to you.

Although you may not see the perfect donor at the time you visit our website, this may simply be because that donor is presently in a cycle or they have yet to join the program. However, if we meet your criteria and feel that we’ve located a potential donor for you, we will email you profiles and photos of egg donors who are in a cycle or new donors who join our egg donation program.

Get Your Access Code To View Donors

Please complete our contact form below to receive your access code. This code will allow you to view photos of our donors and read each woman’s individual profile. Each profile gives details of her health history, family health history, interests, hobbies, etc.

If you would like to have a free phone consultation with our director, Cresta Davila, let us know in your message. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you in your search.

IP ED Access Form

Egg Donation Needs

Are you also in need of a Gestational Surrogate?
Would you like to have a call with our Executive Director, Debie? She is passionate about building families. She would love to answer any questions that you may have about the process, fees, etc.
This form collects contact and personal information so that we may better understand your situation and determine if our program is a good fit for your needs. By submitting this form, you indicate your acceptance and understanding of the data collected via this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

The donor’s compensation will be $5,500-$10,000. Travel expenses will occur only if the donor must travel more than 60 miles to the fertility clinic for testing. The donor will be compensated $25.00 per clinic trip for her mileage by the Intended Parents. You will be responsible to pay up to $500 for an attorney to view the contract with the donor. See also: Intended Parents Fees
To be fair to you, our donors, and other Intended Parents, you may put a hold on a donor for only three days. After three days the donor will immediately be available for other Intended Parents to view.
No. You are not committed to paying any fees until you have selected your donor.
Our donors are between the ages of 20 and 30.
No. We are an anonymous egg donation agency.

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