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$8,000+ for your 1st donation, your financial compensation increases per egg donation.

What is Egg Donation?

An egg donor donates some of her eggs to an infertile woman. This allows the infertile woman to have a baby. Infertile couples can have infertility due to poor egg quality.  Donated eggs from an egg donor help couples become pregnant. They are unable to become pregnant without healthy eggs from an egg donor. Our egg donors feel that donating some of their eggs is rewarding.

Message from our founder

“This will be an amazing, beautiful experience that you and your family will never forget. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you give the greatest gift possible … The gift of life! Please contact us soon!”

- Cresta Davila

Egg Donation Process - 5 Steps

Once we accept you to be an egg donor then you will be available for our intended parents to select you to become their egg donor. You could be matched quickly or it could take a couple of months.

Intended parents have searched for their perfect donor and now they have found you! You will have your first medical appointment called your initial medical screening at the fertility clinic to ensure that you are healthy and ready to donate some of your eggs.

You will have a free full medical and genetic testing at the intended parents fertility clinic to make sure that you are healthy to donate some of your eggs.  At your medical screening appointment: blood test to test your hormone levels, rule out infections, STD’s, drug and alcohol screening. Your blood test will determine what your genetics are. For an example, you will know what genes you have that might be high risk of a serious disease in you or your children.

Then you will have an online psychological evaluation. Our therapist is amazing, and you will love her!

Once you complete your initial medical screening appointment then we wait for the results which could take 3-6 weeks. If you decide to donate again then this waiting period is only about 2 weeks.

After we receive full medical clearance that you are healthy to donate then we move onto you attorney contracts. You will be assigned an attorney who will be your advocate and she will review your contract with you. This is no cost to you.

Egg Donor Attorney Message. My name is Ellen Rubenstein and am an attorney who reviews Egg Donation Agreements with egg donors. The legal process is very straightforward and easy. I am passionate about egg donation and egg donors. I have much respect for egg donors, and I truly enjoy helping egg donors during this phase of the egg donation cycle.


Now you are ready for the medication (which tell your ovaries to prepare for the retrieval). You will take injections (tiny needles that are painless) for about 10 days. Our nurse will walk you through every step of the way.  The injections will prepare your ovaries to save some of your eggs for the retrieval instead of discarding them with your monthly period. These eggs would normally be discarded with your period but instead you will be donating them to a couple. Our eggs donors say that the injections are so tiny you can’t feel any pain.

You will be on your medication for about 10 days. Then your body will be ready for the egg retrieval around the 12th days. Once you are on your medication for about 10 days you will have morning appointments at the fertility clinic near you to check your hormone levels. On about day 12 you will have your egg retrieval.


During the 10 days of medication, you will go to the fertility clinic approximately 6-7 times so that the physician can monitor the progress of your ovaries. The appointments are between 7am-10am. Our egg donors can go to their quick appointments before school or work. Egg donor compensation is for your time and effort of attending to your appointments. You will have plenty of notice of when these appointments will be so that you can adjust your morning schedule.

The egg retrieval procedure takes about 15 minutes and is painless. The fertility physician will use a ultrasound guided catheter through your vagina into your ovaries to remove some of your eggs in your ovaries. You may feel a little tired from the sedation and some mild cramping. Some donors do not have any cramping. After your appointment you will be able to go home are rest for the day.  Most of our egg donors return to school or work the following day. The intended parents are cheering you on! They won’t know you personally, but they communicate to us throughout the egg donation cycle how incredibly grateful for you they are! We have been doing this for over 17 years and our joy is when the intended parents express such gratitude, joyful tears for their egg donor. Compensation You will have an average of 10-12 short medical appointments during the egg donation cycle. 1st time egg donors receive $8000, averages $650 compensation per visit. On your 6th donation you will receive an average of $1050 per visit. You will also receive an expense account to cover gas, time off if needed for the day of the retrieval. Your compensation will increase by $1000 per donation. You will be paid the full amount after your egg donation retrieval.

Will I have To Pay For Any Of The Expenses?

As an egg donor you will not have to pay for any expenses. The intended parents will cover all the costs incurred throughout the egg donation cycle. These expenses include medical costs, insurance, attorney fees, travel (if required) and compensation.  All of the medical, psychological, pharmaceutical, and other costs associated with egg donation will be funded by the Intended Parents. In addition, you will receive between $8000- $13,000+  compensation per cycle as comparable to the agencies in our area. You can donate up to 6 times.

Risks & Sides Effects

Rewards of Donating My Eggs


Are you wondering, can I sell my eggs, how do I donate my eggs for money? Legally you cannot sell your eggs, but you can be financially compensated for your time. You can earn over $60,000 donating 6 times.

The financial compensation that you will receive as an egg donor can be life changing. You will receive $8,000 for your first donation. Each subsequent donation your compensation will be an addition $1000 per cycle. You can donate up to 6 times. Our egg donors have continued their higher education, traveled the world, put a down payment on a house with their compensations they have received.

Health Examine

When an intended parent selects you to be their egg donor you will have a free full comprehensive medical evaluation and genetic screening. You will know your genetic panel for your future family planning.

Emotional Rewards

Egg donors are heroes! As an egg donor you are blessing intended parents with the hope of finally having a family that they have dreamed of. Most intended parents have struggled for years with infertility and with the help of an egg donor they can have their family that they have dreamed of. Without egg donors then our intended parents couldn’t have their families. Our donors tell us that the emotional reward of helping someone else is more valuable than the high compensation that they receive. Egg donors make dreams come true by helping someone have their miracle baby. This will be one of your proudest, most honorable experiences of your life that you will treasure forever.

Donate while going to school or working full time

How Much Can I Sell My Eggs For?

Egg Donor Compensation













You will receive an additional $500 expense account

A 2015 research review showed that most young adult females have around 400,000 eggs. So, taking an average of 24 eggs per donation cycle for several cycles will leave many to spare for the future.

One of our greatest hopes is that the compensation you receive will open up wonderful doors of opportunity for you in your own life. Many donors use their compensation money to pursue educational goals, travel abroad, donate to charitable organizations or buy their first home. In such cases, egg donation becomes a win-win situation for both the egg donor and intended parent.

Please understand that the compensation does not begin to fully reflect the immense gratitude that the Intended Parents feel. Their deep appreciation and good wishes for the donor continue for many years. This will be an amazing, beautiful experience that you will never forget. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you give the greatest gift of life possible.

What is required to be an egg donor?

Egg donation is a safe procedure, and we work with the top fertility clinics in the nation. Our passionate and experienced team will be with you each step of the process. For 17 years we have been serving our egg donors and intended parents on this amazing journey of egg donation.

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