23 Tips for Surviving Infertility

1. Try to be grateful for the strengths you’re developing during this tough time.
2. Don’t forget that infertility affects your husband, too.
3. Don’t let all the baby pictures on social media bring you down.
4. Work on improving your nutrition.
5. Educate yourself about infertility myths and facts.
6. Find a community of other women going through infertility, either online or in-person.
7. Have faith that God’s plans are bigger and better than your dreams.
8. Keep an open mind about alternative treatments like acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
9. Know that God will use difficult situations to bring about good in your life.
10. Know that infertility does not define you.
11. Look for the silver lining in your infertility.
12. Memorize Scripture to remind you of God’s goodness and promises.
13. Plant your tears.
14. Pray daily.
15. Read books that will help you understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of infertility.
16. Remember that God is with you even when you’re afraid.
17. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this journey.
18. Resist the urge to wallow in jealousy.
19. Set realistic goals for yourself, especially during treatments cycles.
20. Consider sharing your story- even if it’s just with one person.
21. Spend time with your pets.
22. Immerse yourself in Scripture.
23. Dress in ways that make you feel good about your body.

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