Rollercoaster Ride For Intended Parents

Arriving at the decision to use donor eggs usually comes at the end of a long battle with infertility. Trying to get pregnant with your own eggs hasn’t worked for you, or the pregnancy results in miscarriage. You may be at this point because you can get pregnant and carry healthy children but your eggs may be defective.

The egg donation process can feel like an emotional roller coaster, but a roller coaster with a worthwhile ending. If you are facing this process, here are some emotions you can anticipate along this journey.

In the first half of the process, it is normal to be riddled with nerves and worry. Some questions intended parents face include the following:

  • Will we find the right donor?
  • Will the donor be available?
  • Will the egg donation process work out?
  • Will my body accept the pregnancy?

Parents will face a myriad of emotions after the embryos have been implanted. Waiting the ten days to find out if the pregnancy worked can be some of the most grueling times. If the pregnancy does not take, you may decide to try again with the unused eggs. You may decide to stop the process or wait. It’s important that you have the support you need with your doctor, the agency you have chosen, and even a counselor to help you process these emotions every step of the process.

If you do become pregnant, it is normal to have fears about bonding with the baby. It is also normal to have fears about the pregnancy. Being worried and nervous every step of the way is to be expected in the circumstances. We can assure that your worst fears about bonding with your child will be put to ease when you hold your child. Some parents even relate a stronger connection to their child because of the process they went through to get pregnant.

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