Impressed and Blessed Parent

“I am so impressed with my experience with the Giving Hope Agency. It provided outstanding guidance and encouraging support throughout my IVF journey. Professional expertise was given as I navigated the process of finding a donor. Donor information was easy to navigate as the website was very user-friendly. Case workers were warm, personable, and sensitive […]

Intend Parent Testimonial

“We are so hopeful, positive and excited. You definitely gave us “hope”. We are so grateful and speechless for our donors love and kindness to help us. You have made our process feel like we are part of a family. You’ve always shown you care about us.”

Intended Parent Testimonial

“The decision to use an egg donor was not easy for us. However, we knew that having a happy and healthy baby was so important. We were given a couple of agency references by our fertility clinic. As soon as we contacted Giving Hope, we were treated with such compassion and understanding. Cresta was very […]

Indented Parent Testimonial

“Our experience with Giving Hope was excellent. We found and selected the right donor for us and received tremendous support from our case manager throughout the entire process. Even our reproductive specialist team was impressed with the responsiveness and coordination of Giving Hope with our donor that resulted in us finally realizing the dream of […]

Why Are Egg Donors So Valuable?

Many women dream of becoming pregnant and having a beautiful life with children. But, then they find out they are unable to conceive. Without the gift of egg donors donating their eggs then many women cannot become pregnant. But, when a donor donates her eggs then the intended mother has about a 75% or higher […]

5 Reasons you should use a surrogacy agency

Top reasons to use a surrogacy agency. Deciding to participate in Surrogacy is a huge step whether you’re an Intended Parent (IP) or the Surrogate Mother, herself. It is a huge decision that probably came with months, if not years of weighing options and doing research. For some Intended Parents, finding a surrogate can land […]

23 Tips for Surviving Infertility

1. Try to be grateful for the strengths you’re developing during this tough time.2. Don’t forget that infertility affects your husband, too.3. Don’t let all the baby pictures on social media bring you down.4. Work on improving your nutrition.5. Educate yourself about infertility myths and facts.6. Find a community of other women going through infertility, either online or in-person.7. Have faith that […]

The Egg Donation Process

Our Egg Donation Process Learning About Egg Donation Takes Some Time. It Is The Process By Which A Woman (An Egg Donor) Donates Several Of Her Unfertilized Eggs (Oocyt) To Be Utilized In The Process Of In Vitro Fertilization. The eggs from the egg donor are donated to the recipient female, sometimes an individual but […]

Rollercoaster Ride For Intended Parents

Arriving at the decision to use donor eggs usually comes at the end of a long battle with infertility. Trying to get pregnant with your own eggs hasn’t worked for you, or the pregnancy results in miscarriage. You may be at this point because you can get pregnant and carry healthy children but your eggs […]

Giving Hope A True Blessing

“Giving Hope has been a true blessing to our family. I would say that their customer service is truly spectacular but that doesn’t even touch how amazing they are. They are more than an egg donation agency and more like a supportive family. We were lost when we found out that we needed help having a […]